Mercury planet, Mercury Roman god.
Part of a social media campaign that explained the origin of the Solar System planets’ names
Magnetar, neutron star, astronomy
Artist impression of a magnetar. I made it for @astroandspace
Sebastian Ohlmann, astrophysics
Illustration of Dr Sebastian Ohlmann, astrophysicist and high-performance computer expert at Max Planck Institute
Yanett Contreras, astronomer
Illustration of Dr Yanett Contreras, astrophysicist and data analyst
Carlo Abate, astronomer
Illustration of Dr Carlo Abate, astrophysicist and researcher at Deep Blue
Valentina Schmid, astronomer
Illustration of Dr Valentina Schmid, astrophysicist and knowledge transfer officer at Radboud University

Carmen Martínez Barbosa, Colombian astronomer
Illustration of Dr Martínez Barbosa, astrophysicists and data scientist at Plotwise
Cornelia Müller, astrophysicist
Image of Dr Cornelia Müller, physicist and patent professional at Siemens
Image of Dr Thomas Wijnen, astrophysicist and analog astronaut for OeWF
Image of Dr Ester Aranzana Martínez, astrophysicist and design engineer at ASML
Image of Dr Noel López Gonzaga, astrophysicist and Lead AI Researcher at PUBG
Asteroid Day

Image to celebrate Asteroid Day 2020. It includes a cartoon of Dr Brian May, co-founder of this day.

Image of Dr Serena Repetto

Martha Irene Saladino, astrophysicist, astronomer, digital illustration

Digital self-portrait


Artist impression of an exoplanet

Black Hole

Cartoon of Neptune

Cartoon of Uranus

Cartoon of Saturn

Cartoon of Jupiter

Cartoon of Mars

Cartoon of Venus

Cartoon of Mercury